MATH 1050 (Hoop Jumping for goodness!)

So, this summer I’m attending a wizarding school. The class I’m taking is all about learning a language that doesn’t make it easier to talk to other people so that we can learn to think in ways that soggy meat brains don’t do naturally. We learn arcane runes and study pictographs and listen to stories about discovering cheaters. It sometimes feels almost like we are learning the tongue of the deep old ones so we can go to R’lyeh where Cthulhu is. Not an easy task for meaty brains like mine.

Yes, the class is math…

Ordinarily, I love this kind of thing. But I’m still getting used to working with brain instead of back. And summer semester is intense! I barely managed to scrape by on the last test. My normal math mode consists of a lot of napping intermingled with the mathematicals. It’s like my brain gets overwhelmed and then needs a few minutes to file it away correctly.

Anyway, this here is a project that i procrastinated on until it was fatal. As can be seen by the slap dash way it was completed. But the way I honestly admitted that I was winging it was pretty cool, or it would have been if I had actually claimed that. Which I didn’t.

This link is the one where it shows that project that I did badly.


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